Wednesday, June 13, 2012


We decided upon this wind chime as a memorial. That way we can take it with us, when we ever decide to move. I am trying to make a complete funny out of this, so I don't get sad...but my milk came in, who knew that would happen at 21 weeks? Two girlfriends said put cabbage in your bra? Really...

Well I called the doctor and she said the same thing:wear a sportsbra with cabbage leaves in it and take sudafed. So I hope my cabbage doesn't fall out tonight.

Tonight I am going to beat up on Emily, my coworker. :-) We are taking the women's only defense class at Charleston Krav Maga for the next 5 weeks.

Plans for tomorrow: Getting a massage from my class this year! I am very excited about that at 3pm. I also called Kevin to get a hair cut, I love this cut he will call "outdated" but too bad! Oh and see if you can look past the semi-naked body to see the hair!