Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Today's Adventures

I had a jam packed day. Let me begin...

First off, I am in Charlotte for the week alone at a conference. This morning at 6 am I woke up and went to the gym, which I haven't told Will yet but I am hoping he will be proud I did something :D after my warm up with the weighted ball I did squat presses with 10 lbs, sit ups, cross chops I think with 40 lbs all 3x10.

Fast forward to after my conference I went to South Park Mall. It took me 3 hours to walk the entire mall, and I didn't even go in that many places. I ended up at Soma, a bra store, that my mama says is great. So I had them size me before I began and yes I knew my bras didn't really fit since being pregnant (neither do my jeans)...however, um, I was still wearing a 34C...so when she said 36D I about fell out. WHAT? Are you serious, that bra looks like a hat! Before I left the store I asked if she would cut the tags out so I could go put it back on. You know that little kid that wants to wear her new shoes out the store?? Well that was me with my new bra! It feels like heaven.

As I walked around I see a four story Belk, Tori Burch (who knew there was a stand alone store), Kate Spade, Hemmes, Tiffany (see star earrings pic), the list could go on...I was in awe. Then I started feeling really poor and without fashion. So as I day dreamed of having getting a personal shopper, I realized someone of that caliber wouldn't shop at Target or Marshall's like I would need them to...ha!

I returned to the hotel to put on sneakers since my feet hurt so much and headed to dinner. I found Cowfish. It had a wait of 1.5 hours! I headed in and found a single seat at the sushi bar. This restaurant was right up Will's alley, I was sad he wasn't there to enjoy it too. It was so good. I ordered a Bento Box. It had a mini mushroom swiss burger, crunchy shrimp roll, edamame, sweet potato fries, and cucumber salad. They had Will's fav a roll with filet on it, and even a roll with lamb. Crazy enormous menu! Is this place a chain? If so, go there.

Now I am back to the hotel, yes I am safe mama and I only talked to a few strangers at dinner. I have homework to do, so I better stop stalling and do it! Good night.

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