Thursday, August 2, 2012


Last night around 11:45 I received a text from my dear friend, Jaimie at The Flying Tire. It simply said, "Are you awake? How was your day?" My immediate response was, "What made you ask this, I was sad today." She projected since she is quiet when she is sad, that I might be feeling the same and she hit the nail on the head. She also blogged late late last night about the benefits of going to therapy and I wonder if that was written because of talking to me. Probably not, but maybe.
When will it be just an everyday occurance to see a baby or a pregnant person and it be normal? Not calculate the age of a baby. Like I did yesterday figuring out I too should have a four month old. Or when a classmate said that she is 21 weeks pregnant and is so excited to talk about her pregnancy at any given minute. It popped into my head to ask if she has had her anatomy scan yet, really. I would be a lunatic to ask that, but it really crossed my mind. I just wonder if she is on the blissful cloud thinking she is in the clear like I was just two months ago.
I also think I have just been away from home too long. Today makes 9 days of No Will. No Buddy. No Jade.
Hopefully this weekend will be better at least I have the dogs, Will is going out of town.