Tuesday, September 11, 2012

At the dentist

Goodness, I hope they see I have no belly. Why didn't I call and give a heads up. During my last two appointments I have been pregnant....I am anxious, sitting here waiting. I want to write a little note that says "yes you can take xrays, I lost my baby"
The lady that cleans my teeth is one of those know-it-all mothers that gives you way too much advice.
Will came two weeks ago and the dentist said something like you should be expecting a baby anytime now...so he filled them in. Hopefully they noted that in my chart. But I am afraid they didn't.

update: Well it wasn't so bad. The tech questioned me multiple times until I said "I lost another baby." She did shut up after that, but not until she asked my age and told me I had plenty of time. She then said she tried to have another at 40 but her doctor said no, but that she is very thankful she was blessed with her son. yea yea, no kidding.