Wednesday, September 26, 2012

My brain is full

Um, wrote this but I forgot to post I guess....I can't sleep, so here I am (11pm when written). Stay with me, this is random!

Tonight I ran across this card and it made me think what a great dad Will is going to be. It still seems odd that people say to me they can't wait to see Will as a dad. Just yesterday at the gym a man said something similar. A dude... what man talks like that...more than one has made comments like these.

We have a huge weekend coming up. I am excited. Will is housing another mock powerlifting meet on Saturday. This time it is benefitting Pet Helpers and is called Pounds for Puppies. Someone suggested the guys donate a dollar per pound, but quickly realized they all lift 18000+ total. You are asked to bring a wishlist items or a donation. There may even be pets there, so maybe I shouldn't go. ;-)

We also have three or four house guests (is that a compound word? I taught those today) arriving Friday night from Wilmington. Then we are having a big party Saturday night. Last time we had about 14 folks or so, 9 of those powerlifters so yes a "big" party.

Another topic is that I am so negative. I catch myself not responding to texts or coworkers ideas because I can't say anything nice. My girlfriends are still hearing it, but I plan to cease giving them all my negativity too. In my head I am thinking what a stupid idea, or oh that happened to you? let me tell you what worse happened to me. Goodness it has to stop.

I contacted a person at MUSC yesterday to begin going to group classes twice a month with other people that have lost pregnancies. She said there were quite a few teachers in the group and currently only women are going, but men are welcome. My first class is on the 8th.

My high of the week....I told my students how thankful I was to have such a sweet group of girls, and I loved being their teacher. One student beamed up at me and said "well I love being your student."