Sunday, October 14, 2012

Day 14 Photo Challenge: Community

Day 14. Community Our community is so amazing, but with that being said, none of us want to be a member. Share a photo of a community gathering or event that you have attended. (taken from carlymarie project)

I will update this next week. On Sunday, October 21st we will begin at the MUSC horseshoe and walk to Colonial Lake to release doves. The coordinator, who also leads group support asked what my silicone loss bracelet read, she hopes to order some for all members walking.  

Update: We were given purple silicone bracelets that read "Always in our hearts" and "Walk to Remember" on the other side.

Here is the new community that I belong to...we have so much in common we are all teachers, our names all start with A, we all have suffered losses, and we all had a due date within a thirty days of each other.