Sunday, October 14, 2012

Stella's Day

This morning I had beautiful messages from friends and family, and then Pandora just seemed to play the right music. However, all that lead to many tears.
Oh Avril...I have loved your music these last few months. Here is the first song I heard this morning. (click right -----> over there to hear them)

Goodbye, goodbye, goodbye my love
I can't hide, can't hide, can't hide what has come

I have to go
I have to go
I have to go
And leave you alone
But always know
Always know
Always know that I love you so
I love you so
I love you so, oh

Goodbye brown eyes
Goodbye for now
Goodbye sunshine
Take care of yourself

La lullaby
Distract me with your rhymes
La lullaby

La lullaby
Help me sleep tonight
La lullaby
(La lullaby, la lullaby)

Since today would have marked my due date, we decided to do some things and think about Stella. We looked through all her precious things, and that was a lot easier than I expected. I decided those adorable dresses will get used one day. Either I will use them for my next girl, or I will pull a name from one of those Christmas trees...ya know what I'm talking about?  I'd pick a baby girl and then gift all the new items to her.

With our first loss, we went to Folly Beach and enjoyed a walk on the due date, that was in April. This time we went to Botany Bay. The rest of the day was an okay one, and I didn't continue to cry. We shall see what the night brings. Thankfully it is Fall Break, and I don't have students until Wednesday. I hope you enjoy these pictures.

This is what happens when you are so conceited, and you only wish you could take your own portrait...but since you can't, you take pictures of your feet. Ha. :-D

Thanks for looking. :) If you made it this far, October 15th (that's tomorrow) is the national day for pregnancy and infant loss. Light a candle tomorrow night from 7pm to 8pm in memory of all those angels that we wanted oh so very badly. We hope there will be a wave of light all throughout the world.

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  1. Not the point of this post -- but cutest outfit ever.
    Love the pictures. Love that you went to the beach... couldn't think of a better place.
    Love you both.