Monday, October 8, 2012

New experience--Group Support

I am about to head into group therapy at MUSC. I have no idea what this will be like, how will I feel when I leave? Will I cry? I feel at ease? Will I hate it? Wish me luck...about to walk in.
I did see an email friend on the list, we spoke often in June. But since I haven't kept up with her as I should. I hope she is here tonight, so I can hug her neck.
Update: my friend didn't come to group last night, but I did meet two other teachers that had losses later mine. All of our due date were to be right now. So bizarre how much we had in common. Well I guess not bizarre plenty of bitter blogs I read I could have written myself. They are such strong women and it was nice being surrounded by them even if it was through tears. I could hardly get my story out about Stella, I guess I haven't said all those details since June. I couldn't form the words and when they did come out the words were mixed up. However, I didn't leave sad like I thought I might, and I am actually looking forward to seeing them again in a few weeks.
MUSC has a walk to remember next weekend down to Colonial Lake to release doves, so hopefully we will attend.

Strangers Become Friends

A group of strangers, not one familiar face
How could any comfort, be found in this place?
Searching for answers, looking to find
Some hope, some understanding, or just a peace of mind.
Someone to tell us we're not going insane
These emotions we're feeling, a way of dealing with pain.
The sorry in our hearts, the future we fear
Will any of this sadness ever really disappear?
We laugh, we cry, as a way to get by.
We share, we care, to lessen our despair.
We listen, we hear, to understand our fear.
We joke, we cope, in search of some hope.
What brought us together, that allowed our paths to cross
Was the shared experience and the pain of a loss.
The loss of a child, so precious, so dear
Is what binds us together and brought us all here.
We've gained strength with each passing day
And with the help of those around us, we are finding our way.
For we can now justify, what it is we feel
And with this added strength we will continue to heal.
What strongly bongs us, not everyone comprehends
How a group of total strangers, has now become friends.

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  1. "You never know how strong you have 2b until being strong is the only choice you have." Love you & while I hate you having 2b strong for this, I absolutely know you are such a strong woman. I pray every day for nothing but smiles in your heart!