Wednesday, October 3, 2012


trying something new

It all happened circa 2008.
I said I wanna start a blog. Will sent me toward blogger, well I didn't have a gmail account. Apparently I'm too dumb to start my own since I still have the same email address from 1997 that Rod created for me. So I used Will's gmail to house my blog.

Well yesterday I decided I needed to do something about it, thanks for helping me Will.
As I was finishing up exercise class I got an alert to my phone "Tattoo"
um, I wasn't getting a tattoo yesterday, well the phones are so fancy now that all Will's alerts through google, were linked to "my" blogger and I could see way too much info on him. I also don't need to know every client and when we sees them.

So now I am a free woman, sorta... :-D
I have my own email on my blogger. Now I hope my phone can unlink!