Sunday, December 9, 2012


Have you ever had crack cocaine?

Well me neither.

Let me explain. This past weekend we stayed with K.C. and Bobby in Jacksonville, Florida. I joked about taking a pregnancy test Sunday morning. Well Friday or either Saturday night K.C. told me she had one, and I could have it.

Oh my God, you would have thought I just smoked my last crack pipe and HAD to have more. All I could think about were the times I've watched Addiction. I love that show by the way, sick...I know.

Saturday night I woke up all through the night....mmm, maybe I'm pregnant. At 7:20 am Sunday morning I texted K.C. (she was in the bed, we were in the guest room)...

7:20 Me: "Are you awake?!!!! I feel like a crack addict, I need that pregnancy test. Where is it?"
7:22 K.C.: " Haha I am! I'll get it."
7:24 K.C.: "It's in the bathroom!! :-)

She was like stealth quiet...that's a good friend!

It's too early from me to even get a positive (I think), so I completely wasted it...knew I was wasting it, but didn't care. It was really not an option, I had to pee on that stick.

Fast forward to driving home today.
I told Will we really needed to find a Dollar Tree, or I'm gonna waste an obscene amount of money this week. Our Dollar Tree doesn't have them right now. You know what he did? He's such an awesome husband. He told me to put it in the GPS, so I did and within 10 minutes we were scoping out the check out aisle for pregnancy tests.

Found 'em.

I asked Will how many should we buy? He responded with..."How many do they have?" Bwahaha.
He helps me grab them down from the hanger, and put on the belt to be checked out. I felt like an addict. Hell I am, clearly I have a problem. Why did I care what others thought, we were in some tiny town near the Florida/Georgia line.

Fingers crossed for a BFP this week.


  1. We had a terrific weekend & can't wait to do it again! Lol love y'all...crack addiction & all!! ;-)

  2. I will be crossing my fingers, toes, eyes and saying some prayers too!