Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Lookout folks, don't call me on my new phone tonight!

"We're moving on up.....moving on up....to the east side...."

My High today is that I got a working phone, yay! My first iphone.

LOW: Well I always forget my apple id, and to do anything with the phone you need it. I've tried it about 17 times, and couldn't find where I wrote it down last time...then all of a sudden I remembered it...it looks similar to this *&^%$$^&**Applesucks. Whoops.

I feel really frustrated today. Who else is having a baby? So far this week I have hid two people from my FB feed. One friend even made it an event to constantly be on the right side ticker....xxxx had a baby, really?

I know, I know, I will be very excited one day for the same reason. But dear God I hope I remember these losses and keep in mind other people could be fighting a battle with pregnancy.

I'm still angry at work too. In a meeting yesterday it was mentioned about how many babies are being born on campus, yes yes...great. I am getting the sense of how unimportant pregnancy loss really is to others. We are reminded of everyone that dies at school...student's family members, teacher's parents that live 8000 miles away or are very old and in bad health. What the hell happened to me? Did I matter? Oh it's almost summer break, it will magically disappear, and be passed us when we return in August, right? If something was said, I wouldn't have had to tell a parent a few days ago...that no my haircut doesn't make it easier with a baby at home.

Anyone wanna fight? I'm in the mood, look out. I promise to keep my mouth closed during my workout tomorrow around other people. That's when it comes out.

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