Tuesday, February 26, 2013


Know what guilt is??

Sitting in the Taco Bell parking lot eating your taco on the way to the gym.

Probably not what you were expecting by that title huh? ;)


  1. Haha! Now that's an Amy thing to do! I bet it tasted great too!

  2. Lol it was just instead of a pre-workout shake! Tacos are never a bad thing. Umm p.s. - you like Taco Bell?

  3. Exactly K.C., let's talk about how you like taco bell first! :) Haha!

  4. Yes I will eat Taco Bell...no I haven't eaten it in months, maybe a year, maybe longer. Wow, really?

    Anyway, it's the only fast food joint I pass from work to the gym. Well that's not true...but I don't realize I am hungry when I am leaving downtown, it's not until West Ashley when I realize I am famished. Yes famished...lunch at 11:00 is like blue hair dinner.