Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Just thinking back

I remember January 2011 going to the Obgyn to have a meeting. A meeting to say we wanted to begin a family and what should I be doing. We met in her office not even an exam room. We spoke of our ages, vitamins, and all the exciting things to come.

People made fun of me. I remember hearing "you don't go before, you just do it and call after you are pregnant."

Well I wanted to do everything right. I really thought I could plan it all out and it would just happen. I wish it were that easy. Hold on it was that easy twice. Right I forget that...it has worked. Hopefully it will work again. As more people are showing up at group support pregnant I know it's possible, but others are thinking about fertility treatments. People ask me often when do I plan going to a fertility clinic. I never know what to say to that, I'm not.

So last night I decided if we aren't pregnant this cycle then I will go back to the Obgyn and get on something like Clomid.

All right that's all. It's spring break, and tonight it's suppose to freeze. WTH.

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  1. clomid worked first cycle for me after not ovulating!!! get it girl :)