Friday, March 29, 2013

Roe vs. Wade

I hate politics.
I think I'm not smart enough to understand, and sadly in the past I haven't cared.

There is still a lot I don't know, but abortion has come up a lot in the news recently. Questions are floating around of possibly overturning Roe vs. Wade, very unlikely but that would be awful if it happened.

How does your state rate?
The worst states for women to live in are: Alabama, Mississippi, South Dakota, Indiana, and North Dakota. ND is just about awful. Actually the competition is pretty tough for the worst, there are more states that want to be on this list. The more I look the more states I find, some lists include these some don't. Anyway...

This post came from this approved ban in ND. You know, the term "ban" is just bad...or is it because I don't think you should ban anything? We live in America....guns, dogs, abortion, gay rights which is the big issue taking the news this week.

ND governor has three bans regarding women's reproductive rights. I am so glad I don't live there. This one touches close to home.

"North Dakota Gov. Jack Dalrymple also signed into law a measure that would make his state the first to ban abortions based on genetic defects such as Down syndrome."

I feel Pro-lifers out there only think that people who have abortions are those unwed, young, uneducated people that use it like birth control. Open your eyes, it's not that way.

Sure I feel very alone, that NO ONE else has EVER had to terminate for a medical reason's not talked about. I know one person in real life that has, and I helped her make that decision. But really this happens more than we know.

There aren't too many reasons to usually be proud of SC when it comes to crime or education, but in my instance I am. I am so glad I live here.

Unlike others I read about, I was able to terminate without being shamed by my doctor. I didn't have to fight my way through protesters outside a dirty dated clinic. I didn't have to leave my town, and fly to an unknown place and stay in a hotel. I didn't have an illegal termination in a shady secret spot hiding from police. I was at the hospital. It was awful. It was the worst decision I have ever Had to make.

But still. It's a decision I was allowed to make.

So what does your state allow? Do you know? ND has or either wants a 6 week ban...really most people (not me, I will know) but many don't know they are even pregnant then. Other states 12 weeks...what new info does that show? Nothing. NT Scan my ass...clearly, that didn't work. Some states 16, then 20, 22 and 24...once you are past 24 a baby is considered viable, then it's a criminal offense.

I was made aware that if we thought about it for too long we'd have to leave and travel to Atlanta. I terminated at 21 weeks. As I look it up, the procedure I had (D&E) is illegal in two states, so I'd like to add them to the list of crummy states for women. Ohio and Michigan. I had this procedure because of my stage of pregnancy. It's not like we held out, waited, or stalled. The BIG ultrasound happens at 20 weeks, when you can see all the little parts or in my case lack of parts. Was this my first u/s? Heck no. I had already suffered a miscarriage, so I had many u/s...even paid for a specialized one to find problems at 12 weeks, and for an extra one to find out the sex. 

The whole time I'm writing this post, in my mind are those of us that had a heartbreaking decision. I'm not thinking of women who abort a healthy baby. Regardless of the circumstance, I want the option always to be in my hands. 

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