Saturday, April 20, 2013


My wish today is that Behr is running freely with a pink and blue orbee.

April 3rd was the day he was born. April 14th is the day we got Him. Today, April 20th is the day we told him goodbye.

We miss him so much. He comes up in conversation at least once a week. It's usually something like "if Behr was here, he would..." He would cuddle, he would retrieve again, he would listen better than our other two clowns.

Will said recently he doesn't think we will ever have another dog like him again. I thought he meant we wouldn't choose that coloring again. He meant that disciplined, loyal, and affectionate. I so hope he is wrong.

I miss you. I wish you were here. You'd let me be sad and lay with me all day. I need that today. I need you to fill my time.

You were a good boy and loved so much.
Run Free Sweet Boy!


  1. I wish I had known Behr better. Sending love to doggie heaven!

  2. He was a very good boy! I know he feels good because he is watching over you and Will!