Wednesday, April 17, 2013

On Fire

This cycle. Right now. Is our last chance of making a 2013 baby. My hopes aren't high. It time was dreadful.  Today was rotten, beginning with a negative test. I just want to crawl in bed and cry. I should know by the weekend. Life doesn't really suck, but it makes me feel better by saying it--life really sucks.

I am in such a grouchy place. Escaping sounds nice. I wonder how much a flight to Vegas cost, and who I could take with me as a hostage? Scratch that, I need a place without a casino. Deep Breath. Exhale. Deep Breath.

I have so much cramped up inside I need like 10 therapy sessions, like yesterday. 
Alright two days of work, I can do this. Speaking of work, we are suppose to learn this song for an advertising video being made next week...maybe I should take notes and act on things that have fired me up. 


  1. Deep breath, exhale! Deep breath, exhale! Over and over! XO

  2. Hang in there!!!! But I does suck this week!!!