Saturday, May 4, 2013

Dragon Boat of Charleston

Today was amazing.

I can't say I looked forward to it. Those two practices were really hard last week.Then when I stepped outside it was sprinkling...I thought what in the world am I doing? But once I saw the party, it all came together.

Here are photos from the day!

Here is our AH tent. We had three boats: Seniors, Underclassmen, and Faculty.

Those three things beside each other were the docks where each boat began.

This is what a boat should look like...

See that white thing, that is what a boat shouldn't look's upside down!

The first heat we competed against each old folks got last place.

On the firefighter application it must say something like:
check here if you are hot, if you aren't leave the interview
So they walked by....and I followed them :)

Second heat! YAY we beat someone! 2nd place.

This event was huge. There were about 1800 paddlers! It was very well organized,and parking was a breeze.
Some of my teammates!

Finally the students left and I felt like a college student bumming beer from the Vikings and ViQueens!

I don't know this team's name...but there were some men in skirts and clearly that must be my new thing once you see all these pictures!

Firemen...again :)

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  1. I'm proud that you did the boat races! That is one thing I always said no to at AH. And my firefighter is pretty great, too! :)