Saturday, May 4, 2013

Star Struck Sometime in April

My mama said, "act cool, don't be star struck."

I didn't have a clue just how star struck I would much my battery died from all the photos, I went to the car to charge it, and I came back. Ridic.

Here is the back story. My friend Ashley is a party planner. She asked me if I'd like to help her one night. My immediate thought, sure (thinking for free)...then she she'd pay me what? Then she said it's a Sweet 16 birthday party and Edwin McCain and Darius Rucker are playing. WHAT?

The party was at Rein and Shine, a therapeutic horse farm. Very cool in itself. Here is a snippet from the website:
Rein & Shine program serves people with Autism, Downs Syndrome, MS, and more. For individuals with special needs, equine therapy has many physical benefits including improved muscle tone, balance, posture, coordination, and motor development. The students benefit emotionally from the program through increased confidence, and the joy and freedom associated with riding and bonding with the horses.

I was in charge of setting up the photo booth with these huge cut outs, the candy table, and keeping the candy and cupcakes stocked during the party. I was not in charge of drinking, taking pictures, oogling over Darius...all things which I did :) Oh and I wasn't told I would fight that hog off the candy table...the picture of her does no justice. She was big, and enjoying some salt water taffy. I had to body check her, it was so awkward!

Here comes Darius' bus...this is when I realized quickly I was star struck, and it was just a bus!

The birthday girl requested toys for children at MUSC in lieu of gifts for herself.

Eekk. He is right there.

Eekk, again. There is his wife. Gosh I'm a stalker.


  1. Wait so you really did mean a real hog??
    I loved seeing pics of this. I'm struck too. Obsessed.

  2. Awesome!! I've never met Edwin but my bro & his friends grew up with Darius before & during Hootie years. What a cool night you had! :-)