Wednesday, June 12, 2013

June 8th Not Bad At All

Well I survived yesterday. Actually more than survived, it was a great day. I was busy and had a few jobs. I am thankful to those people that unknowingly gave me a job that I really needed.

The meet was also run very well and we were surprisingly finished at 3pm. That hasn't happened in my life of powerlifting. 

Will did well in my eyes, but as always not good enough in his. He totaled 1780lbs. That number allows him to finals in Ohio this October.

He and Robbie had almost the whole Charleston team in support.

Check out these trophies. When I saw them I immediately was thankful for the new awards wall at the gym!! I'll show you Will's later, it's interesting.

So one year since we made the most heartbreaking choice ever, we survived. It was a good day.

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