Saturday, September 21, 2013

Could have been a bad day, but it was okay

6 week appointment, 20 week appointment, 38 week appointment, and a baby sprinkle. Yesterday I had a lot of friends pregnancy stuff going on. I was worried it may be a rough day, but it wasn't. Well until the very very end.

It all started with A she went in for her last appointment. Only 3 cm but will be induced at Sunday! I'm totally going to the hospital to see him. I can't imagine how she is feeling. She has had a full term still birth, miscarriages, and a termination. Then E, she had a worrisome 20 week ultrasound Thursday, and had a follow up u/s yesterday. Thank goodness everything was fine, no problems. I'm sure she didn't sleep at all the night between ultrasounds. Lastly A saw her little bean for the first time on an u/s. I am so thankful everyone had great appointments. I was scared for each of them, scared of getting a bad text, scared of not knowing what to say. I was very anxious during the day.

After school I went to a baby sprinkle. That was fine. Until the end...don't throw away the decor we have 7 people on campus pregnant. Uh. That was heavy. 7 freaking 7...will my time ever come?

The night ended fine, drank three beers on the porch and went to bed early. Heading to The Highland Games today at Boone Hall and then out tonight to HoM for a HGTV reality series shooting here in town.

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