Saturday, September 21, 2013

How many tests and which ones?

Which testing to do next time? NT scan didn't tell us anything about SB so not sure I'd have that one again...but here's the new stuff since last year and tests I didn't know about prior to loss.

Noninvasive tests:


Also Harmony is another I've heard about...which seems to be the same as MaterniT21

For both of the above mentioned tests you can see all the chromosomes, including sex at 10 weeks, that is crazy.

My group support teacher mentioned this test between 14-22 weeks that could show SB earlier than your normal anatomy scan at 20 weeks.

MSAFP  of Maternal Serum Alpha-Fetoprotein Screening

This one seems great to look for NTD but there are problems with this test...then what, you wait until week 20 anyway before deciding. Same thing. But a lot less people would know you were pregnant at 14 vs. 20.

Goodness why can't I cruise through pregnancy blissful and ignorant. I need to remember MOST babies are born, and MOST babies are born without abnormalities.

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