Friday, November 8, 2013

So powerlifting, do you know all this?

Yes I'm trying to be funny, Will thinks I'm picking on him...but really this is how it is- and all powerlifting people know this but my friends don't.  All in all I pray he doesn't get hurt and does well. Thanks for reading XO Amy

All week our meals were planned. Certain days mean certain carb or no sodium or high sodium, cray cray. 

My RPMs are revving high as I wind up a mountain between a wall as high as my car and 18 wheeler after 18 wheeler. Why am I drviving? I am not a good driver. No don't touch my leg, we are sure to crash. 

So back to why am I driving? Will hasn't eaten in upteenth hours. He picks me up from school with a car piled high of stuff like he is a rajah and I bring cookies and Doritos! He is trying to sleep through the no food.

Thursday night about 8:30...So are we gonna eat dinner? Well Will has to weigh himself first. He meant to do that when I stopped for a coke at a gas station, cause yes we have a scale in our car.

We arrive in Gatlinburg, and unload. Yes!! weight 219, sweet I get dinner! We go eat, then back to the room. 221, wow this is such a structured lifestyle. 

Wake up Friday morning, he weighs 218. Oh lord losing too much. So he begins sipping on Pedialyte. So it's 8:57 and he is walking down to weigh in now...

This could go two ways:
Over- we return to the room and he gets in a hot bath

Under-we go to a pancake house I can see from our balcony. 

Stay tuned!

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