Monday, January 20, 2014


When I saw Avril Lavigne was coming to Charleston I wanted to go really bad. I love her. I really loved her when lost Stella and the summer following. I love her so much I asked Will if we could name our next child after her. He quickly said no.

My friend Ashley surprised me with tickets that someone was selling last minute on FB. Our seats were amazing. Here are some very blurry pictures. She played with some youngin' named Jessie that everyone 15 and under were screaming for, The Fray, and Daughtry. I was afraid I might cry the whole time she sang, but it was good. I just sang them louder!

So now that I've seen her I want to return to another concert featuring just her. She was so fun and full I mean FULL of energy. If she's coming to your town...tell me!

She just makes me smile.

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