Monday, January 20, 2014

Christmas Cruise 2013

This past year we escaped. Some friends were sad for us, they thought we'd be missing Christmas and all the hubbub. But truthfully when you had planned to be really pregnant for Christmas and/or with children and then don't have any, that's really the sad part. 

We had a great time. Interior cabin, just the way we like it so it's really dark and you can sleep! We hung out at the Casino Bar...again, played Roulette--lost my money, Will's money, and Mama's money. It was quite fun. They had Santa and it was all decorated for Christmas, they made it "snow" one night it the atrium, there was a Christmas show, tacky sweater contest and all. 

We hardly took any pictures. But these are the ones we did get. 

This particular day I had left Will napping in the room. But we ended up having so much fun (and ordered food that he needed to help us finish) I went and got him. He made it back just in time for me to sing "Baby Got Back"-I'm sure he was proud.


  1. Wahahahhahhaaha - I thought your arm was Will's arm and that cracked me up. First because his arm looked ridiculously long. Second because it looked like a girl's arm. hahahah!