Thursday, May 22, 2014

Nursery Drapes: Update

I was so excited on Tuesday night when Jenna's (maybe I should type that to make sure I still like it!) curtains arrived. They are blackout drapes and very very pale pink. 

Well they are a little too fancy for grommets. They came with pin hooks, um what? Now not fancy enough that I'm going to return them, but it's sure to be a mathematical nightmare with inserting pins evenly and floor length. Also finding rings and a rod that isn't a million dollars. I went to Pottery Barn yesterday, that was a joke $189 for a rod. Wow.

Oh and Restoration Hardware does have them...but shipping date is September 10th!

Anyway, here they are...

A little too close to the top of the window for my liking, but the rings and clips will add some length there...

Update: May 31st!
Yes, Home Depot had the rod, finals, rings and all. Thanks Aunt Lynne :)

Way too many pictures of this...but here goes!

High math :)

Wow these last two pictures were taken at the same time but the sun is doing weird stuff in the photos with the coloring.


  1. check home depot, lowes , hancocks fabrics and JO -ann fabrics for curtain rods. You just need rings that have a little circle opening for the curtain hooks at the bottom. Wish I had known what you have wanting and I could have made them for you. Also sometimes Target has the type of curtain rod you are looking for. If you decide to send them back, I can make them for you. Love, Aunt Lynne

  2. I love them! Great job! And I love the white rod with the pink and grey!