Friday, May 16, 2014

24 Week Update

Almost down to double digits. 112 days to go!

This is an exciting week for us!
We have chosen a name Jenna Gabrielle, and we will call her Jenna.

Also on Wednesday Will felt her kick for the first time. It's was incredibly anticlimactic. I thought he'd be more excited...not so much.

I still feel good. I have so much energy, but am still way excited for summer. Only 8 more school days!

However I have so much energy I do too much. On many days I overstretch something but it's always gone the next day. It could be my groin, muscles just below belly button, today my back from leaning over too long while using the paper cutter for a math craft today.

Speaking of belly button...mine is morphing. I look at it and feel it all the time. Kinda like a baby when they first find theirs. It's so different looking. 

Each dinner I tend to over eat. Then I feel like I'm going to explode afterward. We decided this happens because my breakfast and lunch are so rushed. I never have time to over do it at those meals.

Anyway well today I have an ultrasound at 9:30. I will add a new picture afterward. 
Right now each day or week that passes I think, this is the most pregnant I've ever been. So today this is the farthest doctor appointment I've ever had. :) Celebrate!

Update: The appointment went well. My cervix looks good, and the correct length for now. They will recheck it via ultrasound in 4 weeks. However, the u/s pictures aren't as cute as they use to's now like a smushed baby in there! We couldn't really see the whole body as we have before. But this foot looks giant!