Sunday, May 11, 2014

Playing Catch Up!

Our anatomy scan was beautiful. I finally feel I can celebrate a little.

Here are some recent pictures, I hope to make more time in the future to update. Life is good.

Since we are studying poetry this is how I told my students. Their reaction was awesome, they were in complete shock like omg how did we not see that bump! I didn't wear baggy clothes this day, I wore my first maternity item. So it was obvious.

This is how family found out the scratch off the circle on the belly and it said "it's a girl!"

Nursery before/after painting and crown molding. I also ordered curtains this morning!

My first clothing item purchased...came in the mail yesterday

Currently 23 weeks. 

I feel great. I have so much energy compared to first trimester. I love it. Some days I do too much and pull muscles under my belly bottom. I did it today from pulling up the sheet and comforter to make the bed. But usually I will feel normal tomorrow. Hope so!

I can't tell you how thankful I am to be pregnant on this Mother's Day, otherwise reading fb this morning would have sent me into a very dark place. I think of all my loss friends and hope that today leaves them in an okay place.

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  1. Hi Amy- This is Shannon (we met at group once). I'm so happy to be reading your FANTASTIC news. I feel so much hope through your journey. If you have time, would you e-mail me ( I'd like to ask you about what supplements you took both before and during this pregnancy. Thanks a million! :)