Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Anatomy Scan Tomorrow

The day is finally here, well tomorrow it will be here. 8 AM. Thank goodness I scheduled that early. I'm not really sure how I feel. I feel positive, I feel optimistic...but I can never go on assuming all is well and nothing can happen to me/us. I know that's not the case.

Most people know my anatomy scan is tomorrow. Of course the first thing they say is 
Are you going to find out sex?
At least 12 people have asked me that this week. For some I kindly remind them that the point of this scan is to see four chambers in the heart, a closed spine, and a brain all in the right place. But yes we will find out the sex. Others I just say yes and smile, ahhh to be so clueless they think this is a sex scan only. Some even call it that.

Actually I already know the sex, but it was so unexciting because all these other things are more important than the sex.

I did sleep last night and I'm hoping I sleep tonight. I swam this morning so I'm hoping that makes me more tired.

We had some pictures taken, and I'm about to die to share them with my friends...but I want to surprise you all tomorrow. Here is a sneak of one of them!

Keep the good thoughts, prayers, ju ju, fingers crossed, or whatever you do coming! Thanks :)


  1. Ditto! I live this 1...& y'all!!

  2. Post the pictures already!! And all the good news from your scan!