Friday, August 29, 2014

Doctor's Visit

We've been to the doctor twice now. Both times jaundice has been the concern. She is in fact jaundiced just not bad enough to do anything about.

The first visit when she was getting checked out the doctor was inspecting an area right above her butt, almost like a dimple. I had this written down as a question too. He said he only gets concerned if it has a tuft of hair in it or is really deep...then he begins to explain how the backbone zips up...I immediately start gabbing and don't give him time to finish. It was scary for a moment. I'm pretty sure he used the words spina bifida, but I know I said it and told him about Stella. He may have only used that word SB after I did. Not sure. Breathe. Breathe. Breathe.

During our second visit her umbilical coffee was hanging by a thread. The doctor removed it and I was very thankful it made me nervous. Jenna was also back up to birth weight at 6 days old, this was super!

We return at 2 weeks old.

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