Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Step Two-introduce dogs

I knew I needed to be calm, otherwise Buddy and Jade would pick up on my anxiety about the whole dog and baby thing. 

It was hard but I think I did good. 

Very interested in crying.

At first Jade was really under foot. She would follow me from room to room. She has since relaxed and doesn't pay us much attention. The one thing we need to work on is not walking around her, to make her get up when she sees us coming.

Buddy now is on high alert. Anytime she makes noise he comes trotting. He just stares at us, like are you taking care of that? 

If Jenna is really crying, he will ring the bell and ask to go out. I see this as a good thing, he needs to get away from it so I try to do better at jumping up to let him out. He needs his space. 

The day they came home from Moonshadow...this happened, I'm what? Our dogs aren't normally cuddlers with us or each other.

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