Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Selfies and Such

I'm sure Grandma Sarah is reading this thinking...what is a selfie? Grandma let me teach you. It's when you take a photo of yourself. Usually it's on a day when you especially think you look extra pretty/good. 

Will said, "Um I'm pretty sure this is the most selfies I've ever taken in my life." I'll catch him now on the couch snapping a pic of he and Jenna. I just laugh.

Here are some selfies and other photos from our stay in the hospital.

Wow all these pictures are essentially the same. Oh well, I still love them.💟

This green bracelet is a security measure so if she gets anywhere near an elevator or stair well they lock or shut down. Also if you take it off you will get a lot of attention is what we were told!

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