Tuesday, August 26, 2014

The Birthing Story, Part Two

My contractions hurt more now. At least Will thought so cause I was more vocal.

We arrived at East Cooper about 1:00ish...same time I'm getting a text from my mom that says, "Summerville" holy cow...how fast did she drive?

We got checked in and taken to our suite. Huge room. 
Again I'm hooked up to monitor Jenna's heartrate and my contractions. It's a bit boring but I feel at ease being all hooked up if something should go wrong. I look at the monitor when I think there is one coming and yep it peaks.

Classic Will

Glad someone is comfy!

Then my mom, Pat and my dad, Bobby and stepmom Carmel arrive. We visited and then kicked them out, so it's just us. 

I don't really recall the next things but essentially Dr. Gregory comes in. She says well Dr. Osborne said he was sending me a slam dunk, and if he said you will have a baby by the afternoon you will. He's always right. So she checks my cervix, and to our surprise she said my water had broken. So I could get my epidural at any time. Well Yes send that sucker in! 

Once I got that big ole shot. The contractions seased. However Dr. White my doctor, heard I was there and came in. I felt such at ease when I heard her voice coming in and around the curtain. 

Since I didn't know when my water broke, maybe 3:30pm the day before when I was walking to another classroom at school?? So I begin two rounds of antibiotic just incase it's been too long and to prevent infection. 

By now it's 5pm and I'm beginning the second round of antibiotics. I also get pitocin to start contractions back up at 6pm so that they finish at the same time and we will be ready to go!

Selfie from my side. When turned on my right the contractions came on nicely.

The nurse says alright let's do some practice pushes. I quickly tell Will to get my makeup bag. I slap on powder and mascara. Then I talk him into finding  some sort of wet wipe so I can gel my hair. That morning I went to school so early I intended on doing all of this prior to meet the teacher, oh well now prior to meet the baby!

We do two rounds of practice pushing. They said let's wait to call nursery. I did like two rounds of three pushes and someone says um no call nursery now. She walks in and says wow. Um what!?
Another person walks in and says who had blond hair as a baby 😳 wait, what you can see that?

After twenty minutes of pushing, about 5 or 6 sessions three pushes each session. Jenna arrives!

August 21, 2014
7:05 pm
6.4 lbs
19 1/2 inches long.

I hope I got this story correct, I've already forgotten so much!

That's one proud daddy! Will was so supportive, he stayed by my head however when pushing your bum is really close to your head so...he held a leg and kept telling me I was doing a good job. Dr. White handed him the scissors and the cord. Will didn't want to cut it, but he did! Awesome!

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  1. This could be 1 of my favorite stories! Such a happy & well deserved ending. Love Miss Jenna, welcome!!