Saturday, August 23, 2014

The Birthing Story, Part 1

At the time I didn't know, but it all began on August 20th...I was getting my classroom ready for the children to come meet me the following day.

I walked over to my neighboring teacher's room and said, "either I just peed my pants or something else is happening." At that time I had a little fleshy discharge. I though no big deal just that morning I had seen Dr. Osborne and had a cervical check. 

That afternoon when I got home I had another small accident...again chalk it up to nothing. I mean you "KNOW" when your water breaks, this was like a splash. However I've never had that before...

Then around 6:00 pm I begin to lose my mucus plug. I then started to have cramps. Also yes I had a cervical check, so that's what it is....just cramps.

We still went to our local bar that night to hear a friend play music and have some dry ranch wings.

Throughout the night I had "cramps" like this many. I noted them in my phone. Clearly I didn't sleep.

Cramp (time between them)
8:06 (10)
8;13 (7)
8:49 (36)
10:01(1.12 hr)
10:19 (18)
10:38 (19)
10:51 (13)
11:08 (17)
11:18 (10)
11:34 (16)
11:46 (12)
11:58 (12)
12:13 (15)
12:24 (11)
12:36 (12)
12:47 (11)
1:03 (15)
1:13 (10)
1:29 (16)
1:40 (11)
1:50 (10)
2:03 (13)
2:15 (12)
2:37 (22)
2:55 (18)
3:10 (15)
3:31 (21)
4:00 (29)
4:18 (18)
4:49 (31)
4:54 (5) in tub 
5:07 (13)
5:16 (8) getting out of tub
5:29 (13)
5:44 (15) from her movement 
5:49 her movement (5)

I did call the doctor on all twice. Since I couldn't say yes these are contractions she said well if them come every 5 minutes then go to the hospital. I found myself doing cat cow yoga poses in the bed during all this...

So since I was up I went to work early. I freaked out those other early birds, why are you here? Go to hospital. Call doctor. I'm taking you. No no no I have things to laminate and a few things to print. I am going in a hour. It's not labor I'm sure, because folks KNOW when they are in labor...😉

Thursday, aug 21st:
My plan get some room stuff complete for Meet the Teacher at 10:15

Then be at the doctors door when they opened. I was. Emily met me there with a frozen Arnold Palmer and snapped this photo. I'm pretty sure I said this is dumb taking my picture, I'll see you in 30 back at school. Ha.

This is the only appointment I talked Will out of attending. I assured him it was a first time mom thing and dumb, certainly jumping the gun. I mean we're 17 days away from her due date and all my friends firsts are way late regardless of what their doctor says. 

Dr. Osborne was there and he saw me again. Said yes my cervix had changed from yesterday and hooked me up to a non stress test. These measure contractions, which ends up yes I was having...well they felt the same as the prior night so I said, then I've been contracting for long time. 

He then said alright well it's time. I'll call the on call doctor, Dr. Gregory and let her know you are coming. Um what? I have meet the teacher. He said that's fine you have time, go by school see your kids then get to the hospital. Again, what? He looked at the clock, he said you'll have a baby by this afternoon. OMG. I wish I could make that bigger, OMG.

Here is my text to Will:

Well I didn't go to work. I met Will at home and he took the dogs to the kennel. I packed a few more things, we stopped by Arby's and headed on. 

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