Sunday, March 15, 2015

Changes all around

Jenna is changing so much every day. Just this week she's almost gotten violent if you see the picture below you'll see what I mean. She grabs hair, face, or  arms anything she can and she's kind a rough.

Jenna is also rocking back-and-forth on her hands and knees and she was able to push yourself up into a sitting position Thursday on the back porch for the first time. 

Jenna has also been waking up the last two days at 5:30am when I get out of bed and I don't have time to put her back down because I need to get ready so she just gets up with me. Well this morning she was fussy around 6:30am and all I could think was oh gosh it's going to be a rough day for Lovie and Jenna. Then Lovie says have you fed her? And I was like oh crap no, poor girl she was so hungry. I was only thinking about getting ready and eating my breakfast. 

1 comment:

  1. Hearts hearts hearts. Can't wait to see that little one. I get beat up a lot too. I have to stay on top of those nail trimmings...