Saturday, April 4, 2015

7 months

Jenna is now 7 months old. The changes are happening each day. She tried a sweet potato fry this month and a lemon! I think she had other stuff, I just can't remember!

Jenna still bed shares with us. She sleeps between Will and me. I think she nurses about two times each night. If I don't get up, she will sleep until 7am but usually wakes up earlier once we get up for the day. 

On March 11th Jenna went from laying on her belly to up and sitting on her bottom. From then on she began really moving! Jenna scoots going backward only. She can even rock on all fours, so crawling will be here soon. 

Jenna continues to love the outdoors and her dogs, Jade and Buddy. 

This month Jenna also went swimming again! This time Will got in too!
Watch this video of her going under!

Jenna also went to her first Japanese Steak House...not as excited about it as I was hoping. 

Since she is moving around so much, Jenna now has a play pen for downstairs to contain her! Here are some funny pictures of her stretching out. 

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