Friday, March 15, 2013

My Trigger Today....rrribbit.

My head hurts so bad. I sobbed my entire drive home. Today those 8 miles took about 58 minutes. Wth I don't live in a big city. Stupid traffic.

I thought today was a fine day. I began it so excited since it was dress as your favorite book character day. My favorite day, even more than Halloween. Well then 1:00 happened.

Aunt Flo showed up. I just "knew" this was our month. How dumb, I know.

My class had science today and they were dissecting frogs. Sure I am in the room with an 8 month pregnant teacher of a little girl, but it's all good. Seriously it was. Then one group discovers eggs. The damn frog was even pregnant.

Their faces and words talking it out when they realized those babies wouldn't be born. Heartbreaking for me. I hid behind my camera, it was okay.

End of the day, exhausted. Since i am on the sunshine committee...I know sunshine my ass, I need to help plan that baby shower and volunteer to pick up some petite pink desserts. What? I can't handle that. Thankfully a teacher or a few realized that and told me to cancel the order. I did. Most likely won't be attending that shower, it is Wednesday. I haven't been to a baby shower yet.

I sent Will a warning text that I was a mess. He came home and we laid in bed for hours. My head hurts so very badly still. It's almost like my feelings are hurt, hurt by a bitch named Aunt Flo.


  1. Triggers can have the worse timing sometimes, right?

    Just keep going.


  2. I'm sorry. We were thinking this was the month too. We just talked about it the other night. Praying for next month!!