Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Circa 1990s

Do you know when one of your senses reminds you of something from long ago? Whether it be a smell you remember from your grandma's house, or a saying someone from your past use to say?

Well while driving in the car I heard this song. "When I'm with You" by Sheriff. I would have told you, by reading the screen, I don't know the song.

But when it started playing I went right back to where I was circa 1990s. I was at Skater's Choice in Irmo. I was sitting on the circular carpet covered benches just dying for a boy to come ask me to slow skate. I would act like I was talking to a friend, just hoping he'd come closer and ask me. Who is "he" no clue...I'm quite sure it was just ANY boy, well a good skater of course. HA. Now you know it was backwards skating for the girls with your hands on his shoulders. I almost get butterflies just writing this...this song was powerful. I'm cracking myself up. Ha. Gosh I wish I had a picture.

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